Osaka Fun Facts and Information

Fun Facts


Prefecture: Osaka

Region: Kinki

Country: Japan

Osaka by the Numbers:

Population: 2,626,635

Elevation: 49 feet

Average Rainfall: 52.8 inches

Average Winter Temperature: 40 degrees F

Average Summer Temperature: 80 degrees F

Quick Facts:

Electricity: 100 volts

Time Zone: GMT+9 (No Daylight Savings Time)

Country Dialing Code: 81

Area Code: 06

Did You Know?

Like many metropolitan areas on the Honshu Island, Osaka was virtually leveled by US bombing during World War II. This devastation resulted in makeshift concrete facades, which continue to dominate Osaka's skyline. Despite its lackluster appearance however, Osaka is home to a number of historical and entertainment venues including Osaka Castle, Osaka Aquarium (the largest in Japan!), and Universal Studios Japan.


Osaka is Japan's second largest city and located approximately 215 miles west of Tokyo. Osaka sits in proximity to popular tourist destinations including Kyoto and Nara.

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