Sumiyoshi Taisha


Osaka's Sumiyoshi Taisha is one of Japan's oldest shrines. Founded in the 3rd century, before the influx of Buddhist architecture from the Asian mainland started, Sumiyoshi Taisha is one of the few shrines displaying a purely Japanese shrine architecture prototype (sumiyoshi-zukuri).

Osaka's Sumiyoshi Taisha is the most famous of over two thousand Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan. Enshrining kami (Shinto gods) believed to protect travelers, fishermen and sailors on the sea, Sumiyoshi shrines are usually found close to harbors.

Sumiyoshi Taisha is located in southern Osaka, a few steps from Sumiyoshi Taisha Station on the Nankai Main Line. From Nankai Namba Station, the train ride takes less than 10 minutes by local train (futsudensha). Note that faster train categories don't stop at Sumiyoshi Taisha Station.

The shrine can also be reached by the Hankai Tramway.

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