Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is the first Universal Studios outside the US. There are 18 attractions, 20

theme restaurants, and lots of stores in the large park. It's located in Osaka, the second largest city in Japan. Even if you have visited the Universal Studios in the US, this one won't bore you. Some attractions, such as Snoopy Studio and Universal Studios Motion Picture Magic, are Universal Studios Japan's original. Also, there is a Japanese restaurant called Saido in New York Area of the park. Enjoy exciting rides, delicious food, and shopping in Universal Studios Japan.


  • From Kansai International Airport (by JR Kanku Tokkyu Train Haruka/ JR Kanku Kaisoku Train)  - JR Nishi-Kyujo station (by JR Yumesaki line) -  Universal City station  (50-70min.)
  • From Shin-Osaka station (JR Tokaido Line) - Osaka station (JR Osaka Kanjo line) - Nishi-kyujo station (JR Yumesaki line) - Universal City station. (20min.)
  • *It takes three hours by a bullet train and takes less than an hour by air from Tokyo to Osaka.


  1. New York Area : Terminator2 3D
  2. Hollywood Area : Universal Monsters Rock and Roll Show / E.T. Adventure  / Universal Studios Motion Picture Magic / Animation Celebration / Stage 22  / Monster Make-up / Television Production Tour
  3. San Francisco Area : Back To The Future / Backdraft
  4. Jurassic Park Area : Jurassic Park
  5. Amity Village : JAWS
  6. Snoopy Studios Area: Snoopy's Playland / Snoopy's Sound Stage Adventure
  7. Western Area : The Wild, Wild, Wild West Stunt Show / Animal Actors Stage
  8. WaterWorld Area: Waterworld
  9. Lagoon : Hollywood Magic


  • Pass (includes admission to all attractions)
  • Adult (middle school age - ) 5500 yen
  • Child (4yrs - elementary school age)  3700 yen
  • Senior (65yrs - ) 4800 yen
  • Group discount applies for groups of 25 or more.

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