American Embassy Inaugurates Book on Bakheng Mountain Located in Siem Reap

The American embassy to the Kingdom of Cambodia has scheduled that in the upcoming June 5, 2006, it will inaugurate a book on Bakheng Mountain, a mountain located in Siem Reap province, the province where the world's most astounding Hindu temple (Angkor Wat) is situated.With reference to a press release made in the past June 1, 2006, this book is the dossier compiling historical document, new research findings, and the plan of Bakheng Mountain Temple [Prasat Phnom Bakheng ? in Cambodian language].The title of this book is: "Bakheng Mountain Workshop and Explanation to the Public.

" The contents of this book were compiled by the Center for Khmer Studies for World Heritage Foundation Organization, funded by Bakheng Mountain Temple Preservation Project of the American Department of Justice.Bakheng Mountain Temple is the temple built by Cambodian historical heroes and this temple is situated on the top of Bakheng Mountain. Bakheng Temple was built since the tenth century and recently, the International Coordination Committee for the Protection and Development of Angkor Historical Compound considers that this ancient temple is in the conditions calling for prompt protection and preservation, because it is under the grimmest threat of all other temples within the Angkor compound.This press release, made on June 1, 2006, also adds that that this book is very crucial for local and foreign tourists.This book is a history-about book containing history and chronology of Bakheng Mountain and the on-the-progress preservations in order to maintain and protect this temple [Bakheng Mountain Temple].


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By: Vicheka Lay

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