Money Saving Travel Tips

Have you seen the T.V. commercial where they show that one passenger paid only a few hundred for his plane ticket while the person sitting next to him paid over a thousand? This is only one example of a truth that becomes all to apparent every summer.

You can SERIOUSLY over-pay for travel if you aren't careful. If you are wanting to travel this summer, or anytime, use these four money saving tips to your advantage. You might just save 50% or more on your next trip. 1.

Plan Ahead The reason airlines love business travellers is that they travel on short notice. A cursory look at airline fares shows you that you will pay more, often twice as much, if you travel on short notice or don't include a weekend in your travel plans. Even if you can't plan many weeks in advance, take full advantage of the time you can plan ahead. Check with airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and more to find out when the optimum time is to book their services. It's amazing how much you can learn with just a few phone calls ahead of time. 2.

Use The Web If the Internet has one great feature it's that you can find a lot of information fast. The Web allows us to do what is perhaps the most money-saving activity of all . comparison shopping. Take full advantage of the Internet using sites like Google or Yahoo as well as travel-specific sites.

Companies like AAA (the folks who rescue you on the side of the road) give away tons of useful information just to interest you in their memberships. Make a simple spreadsheet sorted by category as you shop online. When you find a great price on a car rental, hide-away cabin in the woods or direct flight, add that information to your spreadsheet. Soon you will have compiled a powerful database of savings. When you surf don't forget sites like eBay and Priceline. The 'bidding' model has become a very popular way to shop.

As always, do your homework to ensure you have chosen a reputable vendor. 3. Join The Club In the last few years some very interesting specialty clubs have formed for the sole purpose of helping you save money when you travel. Sponsored by hotels, car rental companies and more who understand how competitive the market is, these niche clubs can save you a boatload of money. Membership in these clubs often consists of buying a coupon book of savings. These clubs are often the salvation for the traveller who can't plan ahead since their deep discounts don't rely on advanced bookings.

Don't overlook the savings these small 'discount clubs' can bring. You will often save 50% or more on brand-name accommodations. 4. Ask Around Here's the oldest savings trick in the book. Ask an experienced traveller what they do when they travel.

People who travel often love to share 'insider secrets' with their friends who travel less often. It makes them feel good to help a friend and might just open up a deep discount you might have otherwise overlooked. The bottom line when you travel is this. With a small amount of effort, and a little education, you can chop up to half off your travel expenses.

These savings can go straight to your pocket or you might use them to upgrade from a 2 star hotel to a four-star hotel. Either way, you will find the effort more than worthwhile. ******************************************************* Ali Moazami is an experienced traveller who helps people save huge amounts on their travel.

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By: Ali Moazami

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