Auckland A Multi Cultural Hot Pot

Auckland is the largest city and the busiest port in New Zealand. It is located on a thin strip of land on the North Island, between the Manakau and Waitemata Harbours ? making it one of the few cities in the world with two harbours facing separate bodies of water. The city has a population of approximately 1.

3 million, making it the largest city in New Zealand and the surrounding area of Polynesia. It was founded in the mid‑nineteenth century by Governor William Hobson, and officially became a city in 1871. Today it is home to many different cultures, the majority being of European descent, with a substantial number of Māori, Asian, and Pacific Islanders among the population.Auckland has a temperate, warm climate, with humid summers and cool, damp winters, experiencing high levels of rainfall nearly all year round, particularly in winter. The city is situated over the Auckland Volcanic Field ? which consists of around 48 volcanoes ?most of which are now dormant.It is often referred to as the "City of Sails", due to the great number of yachts that can be seen around the Hauraki Gulf and the Waitemata Harbour.

The 'America's Cup' was held here during the summer of 1999-2000, and a victory for New Zealand meant that the competition returned to Weitemata Harbour in the summer of 2003-2004.Visitors will not be disappointed by the wide range of tourist attractions on offer. The Auckland War Memorial Museum is one of the best museums in New Zealand.

The Sky Tower is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, with views that stretch to a distance of over 80 kilometres. Other attractions include the Auckland Art Gallery, the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, the Auckland Regional Botanic Gardens in Manurewa, and The StarDome Observatory on the slopes of One Tree Hill.

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