London Vacation How to Purchase Discounted Theater Tickets

Theater tickets in London are quite costly and, when combined with the weak dollar, could be prohibitively expensive. A discount ticket booth has been successfully running for decades in Times Square, New York, to help tourists afford the cost of a Broadway show ? and the Society of London Theatre has build a similar permanent outlet in the heart of London's theater district, in the very center of Leicester Square. This TKTS outlet (as well as the addition of a second site at the Canary Wharf Station of the Docklands Light Railway) sells same-day theater tickets to the general public for a deeply reduced price plus a minimal service fee £2.50 per seat.

Similar to a potluck meal, you never know what exactly will be available ? but it's the most cost-effective way to see theater every night during your vacation in the U.K.'s capital city.Depending on the season and time of day, the lines (or queues) at the TKTS booth are relatively short and move fairly quickly.

Electronic notice boards have been added to the traditional laminated signs that list the shows for sale along with times and prices. Separate boards are used for matinee and evening performances. When you arrive at the windows, simply tell the agent which show, what time, and how many tickets you need. You may pay either with cash or credit/debit cards.

(Credit/debit only at TKTS Canary Wharf.).Because most hotels now have internet access, you may be interested in visiting the online "what's on" page before you head to Leicester Square. It will list shows, times and prices for everything selling that particular day.

If the show you want is not available, there is a link for online ticket purchases. A simple search of the internet will take you to their site.Please note that a variety of ticket agencies and salespeople are located in the vicinity of the official TKTS booth in Leicester Square, and many of these use the word "official" in their advertising in order to direct tourist traffic to their location.

While many of these are legitimate ticket sales agents, they may charge higher fees than the £2.50 explained earlier ? and the choice of seats may not be as good. Use caution or, better still, use the official discount ticket booth and avoid disappointment.

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By: Constance Parker-Street

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