Singles Cruises Your Valentines Vacation Starts With A FewNautical Tips

Singles Cruises are a great way to fulfill your single adventures, and with Valentines Day just around the corner, cupid may have a few cruising tips up his/her sleeve! . We know that many singles get frustrated this time of year when passion and love hits the air with a fury, and they find it difficult every year to get out into their community to find that ultimate Valentine's Day date. Some reasons could be that you're too shy, or you just don't have the time to meet people because of work, or personal commitments. So for all the singles struggling to find your special date, I suggest you save all your pennies, because a cruise vacation may be what the singles cruise doctor ordered!. When traveling alone you're complete strangers to everyone on a singles cruise, so normally many men and women tend to let their personal guards down during their vacation time, and become more relaxed and carefree.

This new attitude allows you to meet new people comfortably, and you become more open-minded and adventurous. While you're having fun encountering all your new acquaintances, you never know, this may be the moment you finally connect with your soul mate. For all the people who actually met, and fell in love with their special partners while on vacation, you know exactly what I'm talking about here!. Singles cruising has become extremely popular and affordable, and many single men and women take vacations by themselves because it provides them freedom, privacy, and offers them unique and exciting adventures of the unknown.

. If you enjoy the hot sun, sandy beaches, and flowing rum punch, a Caribbean singles cruise may be the one for you. If you're a hopeless romantic, art lover, and enjoy relaxing while sipping on a glass of fine red wine, then possibly consider a European cruise. Whatever you desire, there's a vacation cruise right for you, and possibly someone waiting to meet you! . Sold on a singles vacation cruise? Here's Two Tips To Remember. Cruise Lines do acknowledge the growth of single travelers, and especially around Valentines week, they may provide special singles rates, unique singles events, and Valentine related activities.

All you have to do is a little research on which Line out there offers the best singles special, and a few that come to mind are Royal Caribbean Cruises, Carnival, and Norwegian. If you have never cruised with any of these ships before, you will come across specific terms in the industry that you should know in order to make sure you don't get confused on any of the offers the select Cruise Line's provide. Tip #1: Individuals that are traveling alone will be subject to a single supplement charge. All cabins in most cases are based on double occupancy, so what Cruise Companies do to compensate for a stateroom not occupied by two people, is adding a supplemental charge for only one person in a room. It's not uncommon to see 150% or higher on top of the double rate, so it could get a little pricy!.

However, during a promo or ship special, look out for the Cruise Lines that waive this additional fee, where if you tell them you're traveling as a single person, you will pay for the double rate, but they will place you in a stateroom with another person of the same gender. This program is called "Single Share", or something similar. The second offer I mentioned is more common, and in my experience (no guarantees), they usually don't find a match, and you end up getting your own cabin. Good deal if it works out that way, but for some of you having a roommate might be interesting and fun!.

Tip#2: Check your local newspaper, or go online directly to some of the exclusive cruise suppliers, and see if there are any group-cruises blocked for Valentine's week, or for any other week that you desire. There may be a Singles Club that has already pre-booked space, and is selling it to their current members and to the public. By joining a group "Theme Cruise", you're still traveling as a single, but you get the advantages of the discounted savings, or reduced single supplement fees. They will also coordinate fun interactive singles activities, such as a singles night at the ship's bar, nightly dinner match-ups, and singles tour excursions, which is personalized for casual, and no pressure mingling. The best feature traveling with a large group, is you're cruising with people that have a common interest; they're all single searching for love!. .

By: William Lezubski

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