Strolling the Streets of Chapel Hill North Carolina

As part of the important Triangle Region of North Carolina, Chapel Hill's history predates most of American history. Indeed, the nation's first public university ? The University of North Carolina ? is situated in the town and shapes much of the town's culture, liberal mannerisms, and populace. A trip to Chapel Hill is a must for those who visit the Raleigh-Durham area and a little walking tour can reveal much about Chapel Hill's flavor.

Like so many college towns, Chapel Hill is the University of North Carolina. As the town's largest employer, UNC's influence permeates the town. Indeed without UNC, Chapel Hill would probably not exist. Still, nearly 50,000 residents call Chapel Hill home and it, along with the neighboring town of Carrboro, offer much to visitors.College basketball fans know UNC because of its men's basketball team which recently won the college national basketball championship. With a very good women's team on hand as well, UNC's basketball programs are considered to be among the top programs in the nation.

Still, interest in sports isn't for everyone and Chapel Hill goes well beyond the sports amenities extolled by the university.Strolling down the streets of UNC reveals all that the town has to offer: a haven for artists, a home for improvisational comedians, the requisite coffee bars, health food stores, eateries, live music performances, colorful murals, and more. Festivals in the spring and fall bring in tens of thousands of people to the downtown area, but on campus activities easily dwarf what regularly goes on in the business district.Founded in 1792, UNC has an onsite planetarium that was built in the late 1940s.

It has been used by some NASA astronauts as part of their training for various missions. The planetarium is open to the public and it, along with the universities 16 libraries, is a popular place to visit. Beyond that, there are enough student run shows and events to keep the Chapel Hill visitor busy even outside of basketball season.The best times of the year to walk the streets of Chapel Hill are in the Spring and in the Fall.

Summer heat and winter cold tend to limit the outdoor activities, but the town thrives year round nevertheless. Yes, the requisite color in town is "Carolina Blue" so get used to the Tarheel way of life when visiting historic Chapel Hill, the home of the prestigious University of North Carolina.

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By: Matthew Keegan

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